Stop a few minutes in front of your coffee cup as if you were a Barista, try to perceive the fragrance, aroma, acidity and body of a 100% Origin Denomination Colombian coffee, delicately prepared, one of those that the body desperately begs for. Live the Folklore experience, and take a tour on all the coffee regions of Colombia, high mountain coffee. 

For lovers of a good conversation, spending time with friends and/or reading, in the middle of the Aduana Aquare, we find this coffee shop that entertains with its didactic, cozy, and original facilities, ready to prepare an infusioned coffee drop by drop, resulting from the cold drip method, served in an elegant glass with a little ice. Why not to try a French press which highlights the natural coffee oils, retaining a dark color and a larger body, or the drip cone/V60, a little softer and with less body but with the best aromas of the grain. 

Enjoy Folklore´s menu, which, in addition to the country's outstanding product, offers everything from a pastry shop withthe typical and extravagant Caribbean flavor to a vegan line, a freshly baked bakery to accompany drinks such as a low-sugar frozen coffee, fresh orange juice squeezed,or a fruit infusion prepared on your table. 

In order to bring the best of the countryside to the city, Folklore opens its doors to discover different attributes and characteristics of Colombian coffee thanks to its coffee regions with the possibility of taking it home, find dolls, hats, handbags or any craft own of Colombia.